Urchindeep Swimwear - New 2017 Summer Collection

Urchindeep Swimwear

Our 2017 Summer Collection features 36 swimwear items along with 10 new beachwear pieces, with all designs and styles being up to the latest standards in the fashion world. The collection defined by Simplified // Texturized // Materialized is a unique blend of fashion and innovation. It is made to draw attention, to make you stand out, and to give you the freedom to be different without being out of style. Keeping the importance of comfort and quality in mind to ensure the swimwear not only looks good but feels good too, the collection’s pieces are all a perfect balance of luxury with athletic style. It gives you a sporty glam that is so traditional to Urchindeep’s style and effect.The collection started off with a variety of simple designs with contemporary minimalist elements then the designers included the interesting textures and after that came the sequins and 3D prints to bring the designs to life. This process became the identity of the new SS17 collection, which will undoubtedly satisfy many swimwear apparel consumers and lovers.The entire SS17 collection is full of variety – the designs are unique in every piece and the colors range from black and white to vivid bright colors like yellow, orange, teal, etc. This way, you can choose your favorite color or go by what appeals to you most. Any piece of you pick off the Urchindeep SS17 collection, you are bound to love.